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Travis Tubbs Posts

Dream: Drive to Nowhere

I don’t remember how this started, but I’m the passenger in a car driving through the mountains of some part of the country. I’m looking out the window watching a stream that runs parallel to the highway.

I thought this would be a quick trip and realize I need to be getting home. Oh wait. That’s right. I’ll just use the teleport app on my phone. Crap. I can’t. It only works on Android phones and I have my iPhone with me.

Oh wait. I forgot. This isn’t an actual car ride. It’s a virtual drive! All the windows are actually monitors. We’ve never went anywhere at all!

Or did we?

We get out of the car and are now in a canyon somewhere. There are a lot of other cars and people standing around. There’s a stage with a series of chairs for an audience to sit. It’s a presentation for this new virtual driving technology.

The presentation is about to start when the whole front row is taken out by a giant stone pillar! The audience freaks out and starts running from the stage. Organizers are trying to say it was also a virtualization and wasn’t real. But everyone is already running away screaming.

Vince McMahon is yelling at the organizers telling them to fix this mess and get the people back. I guess Vince is running this?

And then I woke up.

Birthday 42

Last weekend was my 42nd birthday. It’s been over 2 years (thanks pandemic) since I’ve thrown a silly get-together for my friends. It’s been too long, so it was time to celebrate my birthday the only way I know how.

Dream: It’s the most wonderful wizard

Don’t remember much about this dream. These two points stick out:

  • I was put in charge of creating a Christmas music playlist themed around the Wizard of Oz for Clear Channel radio stations.
  • I also had to go to the local hardware store and pick up decorations based on said theme.