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Travis Tubbs Posts

Dream: Can’t Let Go

Every so often I’ll have a dream involving an old friend of mine. It’s been a good year and a half since we last talked. Every time I have these dreams involving him, I always wake up sad.

I’ve made a new friend. I’m planning what’s next in life. I don’t understand why these dreams keep happening. I guess when you’ve been friends for so many years and he’s was your best friend, some things are a bit harder to let go.

While this dream was more comedic than others, it doesn’t change the fact I still woke up feeling the way I do.

Even if I were to see him again, what would I do? What would I say? Especially when you know you’re the reason that he doesn’t talk to you anymore. I just feel like it would cause him more pain.

(He felt I treated our friendship as a joke. I realized some things I did were at his expense, away from others, and tried to correct that prior to learning how he felt. But it was too little, too late.)

This is probably the first time I’ve actually spoke of this publicly. I haven’t even mentioned this to our friend group. (I’m sure they put the pieces together long ago.) Maybe saying something will help my brain move on. I wish it would. I feel like I have… but maybe I haven’t.

I hope he’s doing all right.

Dream: YEAH!

Had a dream where Limp Bizkit released a new version of “Rollin'” that was basically the same as the old version but with more f-bombs in it.

That’s it. That’s the dream.

Dream: RV

Had a dream last night where I gave my parents a RV (that I think I won on a game show?). One of the features I was showing off was how the seats in the center could be turned to look out the windows on the side, face forward, or toward the center around a table.

That’s it. Significants of this dream? Nothing. Nothing at all.

Dream: Unexpected Visitors

Sleeping in my bed. Half waking up to voices. They get louder and familiar. “Should we wake him up?”

It’s my parents and one of my brothers. I try to get words out asking why they’re here. My parents said they were helping my brother move and wanted to stop by since they’re in the area. My brother then says I should remember to lock my door. Guess that explains how they got in.

I’m still trying to wake up. I mumble to my brother “I guess you live in town now?”

Then I woke up.

Dream: Drive to Nowhere

I don’t remember how this started, but I’m the passenger in a car driving through the mountains of some part of the country. I’m looking out the window watching a stream that runs parallel to the highway.

I thought this would be a quick trip and realize I need to be getting home. Oh wait. That’s right. I’ll just use the teleport app on my phone. Crap. I can’t. It only works on Android phones and I have my iPhone with me.

Oh wait. I forgot. This isn’t an actual car ride. It’s a virtual drive! All the windows are actually monitors. We’ve never went anywhere at all!

Or did we?

We get out of the car and are now in a canyon somewhere. There are a lot of other cars and people standing around. There’s a stage with a series of chairs for an audience to sit. It’s a presentation for this new virtual driving technology.

The presentation is about to start when the whole front row is taken out by a giant stone pillar! The audience freaks out and starts running from the stage. Organizers are trying to say it was also a virtualization and wasn’t real. But everyone is already running away screaming.

Vince McMahon is yelling at the organizers telling them to fix this mess and get the people back. I guess Vince is running this?

And then I woke up.

Birthday 42

Last weekend was my 42nd birthday. It’s been over 2 years (thanks pandemic) since I’ve thrown a silly get-together for my friends. It’s been too long, so it was time to celebrate my birthday the only way I know how.