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Month: May 2022

Dream: Hair vs. Hair Match

Somehow thrown into the main event of a wrestling show against two others where the loser would have their head shaved. I just so happen to have hair in this dream. So naturally I lost. But only a part of my head was shaved so I have to go around with a bad haircut.

Dream: Breakfast Directions

Hanging with faceless nameless dream friends. One of them wants to get a simple breakfast and asks where is the nearest 7-Eleven. I tell them on 2nd St. One of the friends thinks it’s somewhere else. Another friend pulls out their phone and proves us both wrong.

(It was on 4th.) We both give a “whatever.”

And that’s it. All my dreams can’t be weird ass trippy rollercoasters. (And I’d rather they not be.)

Dream: Twisted

In a ride share/cab with friends(?) going somewhere. See a tornado in the distance out the window. Tell the driver to find the nearest mall as if that’s a safe place to stay. We only find a shopping center. Inspect the stores to determine the safest to stay.

Find a convinence store with freezers. Start moving goods from one of them (in an orderly fashion) and place self in the freezer. Others in the store are doing the same.

Eventually, we’re being placed on the back of a truck in a shipping container (that can be seen through?)

I’m able to get out of the freezer and try to wave to the driver there’s people in the container.

We slowly start climbing out.

And that’s all I remember.

Dream: Friendly Truck Driver at the McDonald’s

Hanging out behind a McDonalds / gas station combo place with my brothers. A truck drove up with a cab that looked like a big fluffy dog, floppy ears and all. We talk to the driver and take pics. He eventually leaves and we carry in with the day.

Afterwards, I go inside the McDonald’s to get a bite. The Friends TV show crew show up as their characters. I excitedly want to show Joey the dog truck photos, Chandler is being all sad, Monica is trying to comfort him, and Ross yells “Wev we’re on a break!” Oh ho… comedy.

Dream: *pew pew*

Another nightmare? Really!?

A gunman is in the loose and terrorizing the neighborhood. Cops finally show up and take the gun. But they’re idiots and the guy keeps taking his gun back. This goes on a few times before the cops finally wised up and take the shells out.

I go to the police station to file a report because the police completely omit their stupidity from the report.

As I’m leaving, I see a police chase going on. The driver eventually wipes out but gets out on foot firing away two guns at anything and everything.

The gunman is shouting election conspiracy theories before he runs into a gun club who take out the gunman.

Dream: Power of Pizza

My brain continues the nightmare factory for some reason.

Only remember the end of this one. I need to escape Houston because a mad man will blow up the city’s power source. It’ll destroy everything within a hour of it.

I’m rushing to get my family out of town. I wake up my dad while I’m grabbing a bunch of pizzas so we’ll have food.

We’re loading up my dad’s truck but someone is complaining about the smell of the food, so we try to accommodate them.

Dream: Brotherly Love

Definitely not having a good night’s sleep.

Had a dream where I was longing to hold the hand and cuddle with a nondescript person. The usual affection I just don’t have. This was the earlier dream so I don’t remember anything more than that.

The next dream, my brothers are just trashing my room, pulling things out of my closet and leaving it all over my room.

I go to start picking up stuff and figure I’d wash the sheets that were thrown about. Someone else was using the washer. I ask who and tell them to take their shit out.

He gives me a half hearted smartass response. I put the laundry in and he asks what my problem is. I lay into him about what happened. I go into other things as well but I can’t make out what I’m saying.

I then woke asking angrily “okay!?” as if I were still yelling at my brother.

Work Took Me Out to the Ballgame

To celebrate some changes going on at work, we were treated to a trip to Dell Diamond. While I’ve been here once before for work, this is the first time I could enjoy it as a spectator.

It’s also the first time I took my new camera out for a spin. Most of these shots are taken at the max 3x optical zoom. I still have a lot to learn about how to use it, but i’m glad these came out really well!

Dream: Saturday Night Snack

At a SNL like show with a friend. It’s intermission. He went to get some snacks. He comes back with wings. Tell him I’m going to the bathroom and to get a drink, and offered to get one for him. He wants a Royal Juice (???). I act like I know what that is.

I enter a mall food court like are trying to find the bathroom. The bathroom is in a Whole Foods style store.

And that’s it. These dreams, man…

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