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You know you’ve had too much time on your hands when your mind starts to wander.

Why is it we do good deeds for others? Do we expect something in return? How long do you continue these good deeds until you say “I give up” because you feel all of what you do is pointless? Would that be selfish?

How much should one care for someone? Is there a limit of caring? When should one stop and back up? Maybe one cannot care for a person enough. Maybe one can care for a person too much.

How often does a person hit a crossroad in life? How do you know if you went the right direction? Can you turn around and come back to that crossroad?

It’s 2003 and with each new year, it’s suppose to be a new beginning. I’m not sure what this new year holds, but I can only hope for the best. I really do hope. This year had way too many rocky moments. They say history repeats itself. I hope the good parts repeat themselves.

I really do hope so.

Christmas Day II

I’ll probably write about what all happened today, but there’s something in particular I want to touch on.

As I mentioned in a previous entry, the holidays isn’t about the gifts; it’s about spending time with your friends and family. Well, I like to retract that statement. The gifts are important, depending on the gift.

I want to thank my roomate for the gift she gave me. She says it’s just a piece of paper, but it means a lot to me. Since I’ve known her, I have put her in many uneasy situations, but she has stood by me still. Although you say I’ve put up with you, I’d say you’ve had to put up with me. You say you bring me down, but I feel I’m the reason why you bring me down. You tell me how you feel about certain situations, but maybe it’s for the better.

Honestly, I can never express completely how much you mean to me. Thank you, Stephanie. From deep within, thank you for everything and anything you have done. As I tell you, it’s the simple things in life that mean so much.

I know you said that I’d be the first to cry. If it makes you feel any better, I’m crying right now. Okay. More teary eyed than crying, but trust me. It’s out of happiness.

I like presents!

Well, Christmas has come and gone, just like every other year. That’s one thing I hate about this season: it’s too short. You wait all year for it, then just like that, it’s behind you already. You just have to enjoy it while it’s here.

Christmas at my parents’ house was good, as always. … … well, except when you have you have to tell your mom, “Put the knife down!” My mom was using a really sharp knife to open some of her gifts. The only problem was when she was showing off her gifts, she was still waving the knife around! My mom isn’t a morning person. Then again, who is?

Unless previous years, my parents actually went away with more gifts than the kids. Doesn’t bother me. I’m happy with what I got: pajamas, a big ass box of Goldfish crackers (which I’m sure are already halfway eaten), a video card for my computer, and a George Foreman Party Time Grill and George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine! 😀 Now my roomie and I can have real meals! I think I’ll go to the store today and see what I could get.

We’re suppose to be having a little holiday get together tomorrow with just our friends, so I gotta pick up some snacks and whatnot anyway. We have a big ass ham I can cook as well. I talked to my friend Will; he said he might be able to come, depending on what happens with his dad (he’s spending the day with him). I talked to my friend Tracey as well. Her response was “I don’t know…” in that unsure and uneasy tone. Hmmm… I got a feeling my friends won’t be coming. Great. That’s fine. Like my roomie said, if it’s just me, her, and the TV, it’s all good.

Well, I have a bit of cleaning up to do today. I can’t find crap in my room anymore. I think I’m going to try and organize this place. … … … HA! Yeah right.

Hello? … … … Okay. Good. Man… what a night… about 9:30 last night, a line of severe storms came rushing though the area. The storms were moving at 60 mph with winds in excess of 60 mph. Only one way to describe it: SUPER SUCK ASS!!! The power went out no sooner after that and stayed out until sometime after 2 in the morning. Not having communication with the outside world really isn’t cool. No radio, no television, no internet. How the hell was I suppose to know what was going on?? I tried calling different people, but no one responded. I got ahold of my dad, but their power was out too. Since I wasn’t thinking, I had forgotten we had candles galore, so using my $4000 flashlight (i.e. my laptop), I found my way around the house and lit up the place.

My roomie was at work while all of this was going on. She didn’t get home until sometime after 11. So, what all did we do while the power was out? Hmmm… well, we talked about how her day was… we… well, there really wasn’t much to do. Come on! The power’s out! We live in the age of technology! We were deprived!!! She did find her bongo drums and we acted like idiots and played with those. You know… it’s actually quite fun!

My roomie made a good point. Not having any power was actually, in her words, “refreshing.” It’s true. It was different. Something out of the ordinary. That’s great. We should go back do simple stuff like that more often.

I’m watching the news right now. Man… the damage is incredible. There were reports of two tornados last night: one on the west side of town and another on the north side. i can believe it. One location they’re showing. It’s a really nice neighborhood. Really big oak trees were uprooted, cement sidewalks ripped from the ground. Usually when these storms come through, it’s only one area of town is badly hit, but it seems like the whole city was affected. The part of town where I use to live was really hit hard. I gotta go to my parents’ house today, so I’m wondering how bad things are.

Thankfully, everything is a LOT better today.

Sleep is gooooood…

Man, oh man… what a day. It’s a Monday and I woke up at 10:30 this morning. Did that feel good or what? It’s nice to know what I can just wake up when I want, go to bed when I want (went to bed at 5 in the morning!), and do absolutely nothing! 😀 😀 😀

Speaking of going to bed at 5 in the morning, I stayed up late with my roomie again doing nothing in particular. Made dinner for her last night. Then we watched Fight Club, which is a really good movie! Props to my roomie again for introducing me to kick ass movies. Then we stayed up, listened to music (gotta remember the words to Justin Timberlake’s “Let’s Take A Ride”, which is a good driving song), and did Tarot card readings. Hopefully we got the answers to what we were looking for.

Today wasn’t all the fun. We’ve been under a Tornado Watch since like 1 this morning. We’re still under the watch for another couple hours. Fun. I had to drive completely all the way to the other side of town, pick up some pictures, drop off a rental at a video store on the west side of town (I live on the Southeast side of town), stop at the bank, then drive all the way back to Southeast Houston. The fact that I was really hungry the whole time didn’t help. Sure, I could have stopped and got something to eat, but with the rain pouring down like it was over there, I just wanted to get home.

So, yeah. That was my day. My roomie’s at work and I have the place to myself, so I’ll probably just relax. Ahhhhhhhhhh… this is nice…

Forgot something

Oh yeah… I didn’t wake up my roomie at 8 like I was suppose to. I kinda slept in… Sorry about that, Steph! I must have been really tired. Luckily her boss called to remind her, so it all worked out. Again, sorry!

For the first time in a long time, I like Sundays! Of course, when you know you don’t have work the next day, it makes it that much better.

Really nothing to talk about that has happened this weekend. Just another weekend of stupidity, which is always fun.

Trading Spaces auctions raised about $13,000 for charity, which is pretty cool. Vern’s Two Hour Consulting went for something like $5400, while Lunch with Doug went for $2325. It’s crazy!

No… I guess what would be crazy if the fact that someone from the Doug Wilson Fan Forum won the auction. Which is great. It’s nice that fan of his is willing to donate that much for a good cause. What isn’t great is the fact that some stupid whore from the same place thinks she’ll get to tag along to see her favorite object.

I say object because most of the women in this chat room treat the man like an object. For example, becoming a member of this group pretty much null and voids any rights you have as a fan. The people who run this forum think they pretty much own the man and think they know everything about him. I understand being a fan of someone, but these people are near obession, if not already there.

If I was Doug, I would be embarrassed to have these people as fans. Each and every fan of someone has a right to idol their favorite star. Just because one joins a certain fan forum does not mean I have to follow all of their rules. Doug Wilson is not a country and the Doug Wilson Fan Forum’s moderators are not the governing body.

Moving on…

My roommate started her job yesterday. I don’t rememebr if I mentioned this or not. If I did, that’s great. You’ll get to hear it again. Anyways, she really seemed to know what she was doing. She was doing returns at Customer Service. That place gets pretty damn busy. Hopefully she can keep her sanity.

I made dinner tonight! 😀 Yep… Mac and Cheese with Hamburger and Biscuits. Mmmm… that’s gooooooooood eatin’.

Well, that pretty much does it for what happened. See… what do I tell you. My life is not excitement. And if there is actually any excitement, it’s a rare occasion.

~/ I can be so much more than this… I wanna be so much more than this…/~

Well, it’s finally Christmas Break. It feels really good to know that I don’t have to worry about my job now. But you already know that. I ranted on about that enough as it is.

We have quite an adventure tonight. Saw the ending of an apartment fire, found a neighborhood with an incredible light display, and got ice cream! It’s sad that that’s the most excitement I’ve had in a while.

Also had the opportunity to (briefly) talk to my roomie’s friend from San Diego. Okay. So my roomie did all the talking. She’s mainly my roomie’s friend anyway. From the sound of things, we’ll hookup with her when we go to San Diego in March.

I should probably go ahead and call it a night. I gotta wake up my roomie at 8 in the morning. Hey… did I mention my roomie works at Lowe’s now? Yeah. She’s a cashier there. It’ll be her first real day. I’m sure she’s excited.


I just read my roomie’s journal. I think she’s going to be a little upset. See… I kinda forgot a little camera I was suppose to take to work today because I was running late… Heh… heh… oh crap…

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