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2009 Christmas Gift Grab! (er… I mean Gift Giving)

It’s that time! Time for the showcasing of loot collected this Christmas!

Starting off, it’s a wonderful collection of money, money, money! But wait… what’s that back there? I got this feeling somebody’s watching me…  Gotta thank family friend Chris(tina) for that wonderful rip off of an insurance commercial that makes no sense. (I really gotta stop telling people to be creative with their gifts.) As for the lottery tickets (a Christmas traditional in this house), I made a whole $6! WOO HOO!!!

Jackie, my friend from Canada, sent me something pretty nifty. It’s an uncirculated set of coins from the Royal Canadian Mint. Thanks to her, I have a reason to use the words “Loonie” and “Toonie”! Plus, they’re oh so shiny! I want to make a special frame for then so I can show them off.

Top Row, left to right: 4000 Xbox LIVE Points, The Beatles: Rock Band for Xbox 360, Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal for PlayStation 2, Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? Premium Box Set for PlayStation Portable

Bottom Row, left to right: Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box for Nintendo DS, Half Minute Hero for PlayStation Portable

How about some entertainment? I have plenty of it now! This definitely has to be one of the most varied genre selection of games I’ve seen. The most bizarre of the bunch, I would have to say, is “Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?”. Honestly, I have no idea or know anything about this game, other than what I brother told me about it. Even then, I STILL have no idea what’s up (except to expect laughs). Thank you, Jackie. You’re really going to confuse me (which I guess is a good thing, in this case). 😛

My family and I have already played the hell out of The Beatles: Rock Band to the point the game started freezing! Oops. Guess we should put down the instruments every once and a while.

But sometimes, you just gotta sit back and not press any buttons. So what better way than to watch a great … um… I’m not sure what you call it. A movie? A web series? Whatever you call it, if you haven’t seen Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, you really should.

Let’s get a little geeky (like that last item wasn’t?). Computer time goodness with some additional RAM for my laptop! My MacBook now has 3GB of RAM in it (up from 2GB), the maximum that it’s able to use. That additional 1GB has made a BIG difference so far.

Hey! Let’s go with simple! Candy, candy, candy!!!  Every year, my mom likes to put fruit, candy canes, and PEZ dispensers in our stockings. I guess we’re never going to grow up. But this year, we also received tin cans with MORE candy in them!!! Those tin cans also had something very special in them at the bottom: an “I Owe You” note! Awesome! But what’s even more awesome than that?

A GIANT FREAKIN’ CAN OF PISTACHIO NUTS$%#$ Best… present… ever!I can’t argue. I think for a year in which we all needed to cut back on spending, we did have some pretty creative ideas for gifts. I think Christmas needs like that more often. It really is the thought that counts and creative ideas for presents really lets that shine through.

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My 2009 Hanukkah Celebration! … … … Wait… What?

Ahh…. another year, another day of gift giving and receiving. What a day! And this year was extra special as everyone tried to be a little more creative with their wrapping (you’re welcome). Unfortunately, I think I’ve also turned everyone into a monster.

For example, my friends Stephanie and Russell. (Here’s a pic of them enjoying a bite to eat.)

They have received the brunt of my horrific, er… “creative” gift giving. Sometimes, I’ve been good to them and given them something really nice, like a new computer. But most of the time, not so. It could be a giant refrigerator box full of small things, or other things, such as…

A box of one hundred $1 bills, …NoveltyCheck.png

A giant novelty check, …

and a bag of 1500 pennies.They decided enough was enough. It was time to finally seek revenge. But just how would they get me?

By celebrating Hanukkah!

Just one prob. I’m not Jewish. Too bad they constantly insist that I am. I mean, sure, I try to be good with my money and like to save a buck here and there, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m Jewish. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I just don’t want to pretend to be something I’m not. It’s not right. But, I guess you gotta keep a gag of some sort going. Nonetheless, I was then presented with the many gifts and traditions of Hanukkah, as interpreted by my friends. First, I was required to put on my Yamaka, as modeled here by the Abominable Snowman.

Once the preparations were set, it was time for me to unwrapped my gifts, one for each day of Hanukkah! (Not necessarily given in this order.)First, we must begin a piece of Hanukkah tradition: the Dreidel! But not just any Dreidel would do for Steph and Russ. Oh no.

They had to get a dog toy dreidel. That’s right. A good ol’ fashion doggy squeak toy. Henry enjoys it!We’re off to a great start! But it’s time to move on, and what could you possibly do next?

You gotta make cookies! Doesn’t the Star of David look so much better with a big smile on it? By the way… these are kosher, right?We got cookies to munch on now, so how about we play a game as we enjoy them? And since I’m so good with money, why not play the game…

Exact Change!

That’s right! It’s “the fun way to learn how to count money and make change!” I’m a shoe-in for this game, right kids? Since Exact Change is “great for parents, teachers, and homeschoolers”, it only makes sense that they move on to something of greater responsibility.

It’s the “real” fake deal! Look at that! It has real fake dollar bills this time!At this point, I’m suffering. Just how much more of this could they possibly do to me?

Okay… this isn’t so bad. At least they are acknowledging the actual holiday I celebrate. And isn’t it fun to count down the days until Kermit the Frog is going to ransack your house? Pfft… yeah… like he’s actually coming to GIVE gifts. I feel a little bit safer at this point. Or is this just something to throw me off? Are they making me THINK it’s the end?

What’s this? Recycled Circuit Board Casters? Well, that’s not bad. That’s not bad at all. In fact, it’s a lot better than what I was using for a coaster before! (a wash cloth) I’m feeling good. I think the torture is over.

And it is, as they finally get to the final gift, a Yoshi / Mario Kart Micro Remote Control Car, to go along nicely with all my Mario Kart goodies.I have to admit, Steph and Russ really did do a good job with this sorta “revenge” gift presentation. I hate the for it, but it was a job well done. Mind you, this is just one year. I’m still ahead by a bunch. They have a bit of catching up to do and I have a LOT of planning to do.

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Obligatory Christmas Loot Post

Oh, how I love Christmas. The giving of gifts. The receiving of gifts. It’s a good time for all. Especially the part where you show off everything you got.

So, just how did I do this year? Let’s take a look!

For me, this appears to be the year of gaming. As you can tell from the picture above, if it was gaming related, I received it. Starting on the left, you see a new silver PlayStation 2 from my brothers. Now, why silver?

Because everything I own is shiny silver (or metallic silver, however you wanna look at it). Along with the PS2 goes a Memory Card because I need to be able to save my games to something.As long as we’re on the topic of PS2, let’s talk about the gift my friend Jackie gave me: the Kingdom Hearts II (Volume 1) manga. Yes, yes. I know. Why read a book from a game you’ve already played? What can I say? I enjoy Kingdom Hearts. Deal with it.

Let’s move onto the land of Nintendo. It only seems appropriate that I receive Super Mario Galaxy as reviews say the experience is like playing Super Mario Brothers all over again. The NES was the first gaming console we owned and Super Mario was one of the first games we played. I may be 26, but it’ll be good to feel 6 all over again. Thanks to the parents for that one!Also in Mario world are the Yoshi and Blooper plush key chains from my friend up north. See… now I’m a little torn here. Do I actually use the Blooper keychain or do I hang it with the rest of my collectibles. Such a hard decision! Also from my friend is the NERF protective covering for the Nintendo DS. Now, I can’t say I have a habit of dropping my DS or anything, but this does make it feel really comfortable!

Just above these items is the Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass lunch box with DS Accessories! I’m not too worried about the accessories, but the lunch box itself just screams of kick-ass-itude! We all were made at cell-shaded Link when he first showed up, but we all know he’s actually quite lovable. Let’s all hug the lunch box! Awwwwww….Finally, we have the Mario Kart DS Super Race Set! What is this? A good ol’ slot car game with characters from Mario Kart! Of course, I have no plans of opening this or taking anything out. Why? Collecting! Do I expect this to be worth anything? Not really, but it still rocks.

But wait! There’s more! Every year, there’s the stocking stuffers. What’s in the stocking this year?

The Tubbs Family tradition of Lottery Tickets!! It’s safe to say that no one will ever win big with these, but it’s nice to be able to get a little cash from these, even if it’s just a buck or two. This year, I made four!

Let’s not forget the sweets as well! This year, my mom was determined to find gumdrops. I had always assumed it was for the cookies she was making. Nope! It was for our stockings. They may get stuck to the teeth, but they’re still good.

Rounding out candy land is Pez! Did you know that Pez is only 35 calories per roll. It’s true! That’s like 3 or 4 calories per um… tablet?

Now, the Starbucks gift card wasn’t in the stockings. It was from a friend. A friend who felt compelled to also get me this…

That’s right. An Easy-Bake oven. Now why on earth would anyone get me an Easy-Bake oven? Well, supposedly, I make damn good peanut butter cookies. I have no idea when on earth I made these cookies, but it appears I did. So now, when this friend comes down to visit, I’m suppose to make cookies … in my Easy-Bake oven. Thanks, Chris. Really. I mean it. Thanks. I’ll be sure to put some extra “ingredients” in your cookies.

For the most part, that was my holiday. But that’s not all! Appears I still have one more gift to receive from another good long-time friend. I already know what it is, but let’s just stay hush-hush about it for now. OH! And what about those three clues I mentioned in an earlier post? I’ll let you know part of it later tonight.

A Little Creativity Can Make a Gift That Much More Wonderful

Over the past few years, I’ve given my friends some interesting gifts or have packaged gifts in a manner that is far from normal. With Christmas one week away, I figured today would be a good time to look back at gifts given in the past.

I’m the King of Jingling

Ahhh… the holidays… such a wonderful time of the year… even my little ol’ apartment gets decorated!

It’s so puny!  But there’s still gifts under it!  … sorta… well, beside it…  yeah.  Wait a minute… there’s something not right…  *looks closer*

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